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Ahead snaps instantly onto any helmet and connects to your smartphone, so you can keep safe and stay in touch. Whether you’re cruising to work on your vintage Vespa or tearing up the half-pipe, Ahead keeps your ears open and hands-free.


Ahead weighs less than a wristwatch and fits in the palm of your hand.

Water resistant

IP45 water and dust resistance mean you can confidently go out in the rain.

We thought of everything! Even the box that Ahead is delivered in was designed to act as a resonator for Ahead. Sitting at your desk without a helmet? No problem. Just set Ahead on top of the box to keep connected or rock out.

Sound anywhere

Ahead comes with two types of helmet mounts and a special flat mount that lets you turn any flat surface in your home or office into a speaker while you charge Ahead.

Ahead Works with

Any Helmet



Wireless Connectivity

Charging Time

Charging Type

Compatible OS

Stand-by time 3 days / Call 12hrs

CSR Blutooth chip / Bluetooth 4.1

1.5 hour

Micro 5pin USB

Android / IOS



Phone Calls


To Music


To Siri

Your Activity


How to use special Ahead box.

The red rubber band is intended to be wrapped around the high-level bottom box, then the top box should be placed until where the red rubber band places, After all, the packaging box becomes a speaker.

- Tech Launched
“Designed to renovate any cycling helmet into a intelligent helmet.”  

Mounting Mounter (1)

How to attach a mounter to a helmet with a hole, such as a bicycle helmet. (Velcro Strap Mounter)

Mounting Mounter (2)

How to attach a mounter to a ski, snowboard, motorcycle helmets. (Curved Mounter)

Mounting Mounter (3)

Place the mount downward facing down and be sure that rounded corner of the mount facing towards

your mouth.(Please attach the same as the video below)