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Ahead (BK)

SKU: 8809580310002

Ahead is perpect communication device for helmet users.

Color: Matt Black

    Ahead is the first product of its kind to keep you connected in an age where staying in touch is becoming more and more important. Unlike ordinary Bluetooth Headsets with speakers, AHEAD uses an oscillator to transmit sound through vibrations, creating a safer, hands-free and non-invasive solution. Clearly communicate with friends, use your navigation or chill out to your favorite Drake track, all whilst staying safe, alert and wireless.


    The request period according to the reason for return / exchange
    1. Within 7 days after receipt of the item (not sticker is removed and buyer returns shipping cost)
    2. If the product is changed to defective within 10 days (Seller

    Reason for not returning or exchanging
    1. If the return request period has passed
    2. If the goods are lost due to the buyer's responsibility
    3. If the sticker is damaged by opening the product package
    4. If the value of the goods is significantly reduced by the use or partial consumption of the beneficiary
    5. If the value of the product is significantly reduced so that resale is difficult due to the passage of time


    - 2 Weeks for shipping from South Korea
    - The tariff is the buyer's responsibility.

    - 1 year limitied warranty