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CRNK Smart Cycle Helmet
CRNK Helmet - Ski & Snowboard Helmet
CRNK Helmet - Motorcycle Helmet
CRNK Helmet - Cycle Helmet
Ahead M - About
Ahead - About

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Turn Any Helmet Into a Smart Helmet With Ahead

Whether you’re cycling to work, tearing up the half-pipe, or operating heavy machinery, Ahead keeps you connected and safe. The wearable gadget snaps onto any helmet and syncs with a smartphone so you can make calls, listen to music, talk to Siri, get directions, and track activity with the touch of a button.


“When you’re moving fast, headphones are dangerous and holding a phone is impossible,” maker Analogue Plus said. “Ahead keeps your ears open so you can tune into your music, phone calls or navigation without tuning out the world.”