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The robot arm control technique by analogue plus make two things possible, MCC(Motion-controlled camera) and Robot Band. The MCC (Motion-controlled camera) by analogue plus features repetitive movements from coordinates designated through robots, enabling fast movement for slow motion shots and tracking shots according to set time lapse. The Robot Band by analogue plus plays melody based on midi files, controlling robot arm and hand by ethernet and serial communication

Smart Factory Solution

The Smart Factory Solution is the core linkage between automobiles and AI, which is now one of the most essential part in the recent manufacturing fields. analogue plus is working toward these trends, trying to come up with a solution of various control systems and industrial servers used in factories.


analogue plus have created various wearable device with Bluetooth technology, with Noise-Cancelling technology and CSR. Also the Bluetooth Classic & Low Energy features prolonged battery life in our connected devices.

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