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Ahead M BT Smart Device

BT 5.0  l  Auto pairing  l  Stereo Talking

Ahead M

블루투스 스피커

For various activities 'Ahead M'

Ahead M  "Multi"

There is no worry about waterproofing when skiing or snowboarding.

Snowboard Helmet

It can be used conveniently on motorbikes that run at high speeds.

Motorcycle Helmet

When you ride a bicycle, you can make group calls with people.

Cycle Helmet

Ahead M  "Music"

Better volume and nice quality of the sound.

Oscillator becomes twice better than before.
By increasing power consume, we highlight low tones and stabilize high tones.

Ahead M  "Mini"

Smaller, lighter compact size and weight 36g

Minimalistic design

Ahead M  "Moving"

Maximize the quality of its Mic by self-development.

It is convenient to make a call at the time of attaching type microphone high speed driving. The external microphone is designed for trouble-free calls even when traveling at speeds over 100 km.

ahead m mic 애니메이션.gif

Mic Type

Basic type
Open face type
Full face type



​Music 5 hour / Call 8hour

Wireless Connectivity

Qualcomm / Bluetooth 5.0

Charging Time

1.5 hour

Charging Type

Micro 5pin USB

Compatible OS

Size / Weight

Android / IOS

35*67*20mm / 36g

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