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In 2015, analogue plus won a spot in Samsung's C-lab accelerator program with a concept for a communication device that could be attached to a helmet - an idea that we came up with on a skiing trip with friends. Since then, we've tinkered tirelessly on our product ‘Ahead’, working to create a design that is as beautiful as it is easy to use.

When it comes to skiing, or any other outdoor activities in highly mobilized environments, such as cycling, skateboarding, or snowboarding, helmets are essential in preventing injuries. Simply put, there are no other technologies that can replace the use of helmets.

Even in everyday commutes, staring at smartphones is dangerous, especially when you’re the one driving. And for those who ride motorcycles, there are fewer options to handle mobile notifications. Some wear Bluetooth headsets, which provides a hand-free option, but are quite bothering to put on. Noise-cancelling is also a great technology, blocking outer noises for quality music, but again is very dangerous when you’re moving fast in all that traffic.

And so, our team struggled to come up with an idea to make a communication device designed exclusively for helmets, creating a safe and convenient experience of urban commute & extreme sports. We always consider both protection and technology as the two most important factors, in striving to be a company that makes high-quality helmets as well as high-tech devices.

Recently we have widened our helmet lineup from cycle helmets to snowboarding & motorcycles, with a clean and unique design, using the finest finishing materials. Our helmets are all CPSC CE certified, sturdy enough to bring protection with a comfortable lightness. Each of our products has been launched through crowdfunding projects, and all of them have succeeded by overwhelming amounts.

As we could see the possibility of the demand for our products through our efforts, we plan to develop products with improved technology in the future, which could benefit those that make use of our products with much more convenience and safety.

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