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Top 5 Must Have Biking Gadgets

With technology becoming ever so advanced, we see gadgets that pop up and change the way we go about our day-to-day lives. This is no different with Cycling!

Cycling has seen a huge increase in participatory numbers over the past few years, due to the fun and healthy lifestyle it promotes. Whether you are a recreational cyclist, commuter, competitive cyclist or BMX adrenaline junkie, gone are the days where bells and tassels were the only accessories for your bike.

Here are our top 5 must have gadgets for your next ride:

AHEAD is a lightweight, durable and sleek portable device, which can attach to any helmet or flat surface enabling you to keep connected whilst on the go.

With its built-in oscillator, AHEAD transmits sounds via vibrations that you can listen to your favorite tunes, talk with friends, use navigational applications and your smartphone, all whilst staying alert and aware of your surroundings, keeping you safe and wireless.

AHEAD also doubles as a portable speaker, making it the perfect companion for the office, home or road!

*For a LIMITED time only, AHEAD is only $95 through Indiegogo Indemand! Be one of the first in the world to get your hands on this revolutionary new gadget and change the way you move.

Get yours today at:

Stay safe on the road with The Zackee Turn Signal Gloves. Simple and easy to use, the Zackee’s illuminate to notify other road users your intent to make a turn. The rider simply slips on the gloves, made of a breathable lycra spandex and raises their hand in the direction they wish to go.

Get yours today at:

The Hammerhead navigation system is a small device that attaches to your handlebars and provides turn-by-turn navigational directions. Using GPS navigation apps from your smartphone, Hammerhead is the perfect companion for your next ride.

Available at:

Attaching to your handle bars using a military grade mount, the Smart Halo Biking Systems not only provides a turn-by-turn navigational systems, no matter where you are, but also acts as a motion detector alarm system to keep your ride safe. Any tampering with your bike will set of an alarm.

Furthermore, it also allows you to receive and make calls and SMS on your handlebar using its personal assistant application.

The future is here.

Available now at:

This small, non-invasive device attaches to the rear of your bike via a versatile strap and activates by detecting the motion and speed of your bike.

As your bike accelerates, the FLR30 will activate and get brighter as your speeds starts to drop. This will allow the traffic around you to be aware of your movements and could save your life.

Available now at

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