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5 Ways AHEAD Can Change Your LIFE!

Ahead is more than just a piece of tech that sits on your helmet and plays you your favourite Bieber track. What Ahead lacks in size, it makes up in usability!

Ahead can be used in numerous different ways, in numerous different environments.

Here are out top 5 ways, Ahead can change your life!

1. Navigation

Never get lost again with Ahead. Once attached to your helmet, and connected to your smart phone, Ahead will use the navigation application to read out directions turn by turn, just as with any other GPS system. This will provide a hands-free way for you to stay on course without the dangerous fumbling of your phone or taking your eyes of the road to look at your phone. Stay on track and get Ahead!

2. Work-Out Buddy

Take AHEAD to the gym with you and listen to your favourite tracks whist smashing PB’s. Ahead can transmit sound onto any flat surface through the use of vibrations.

This will allow you to work out without annoying wires, head phones or earphones which can be easily caught on machines and get in the way.

3. Shower Karaoke!

Love singing in the shower? Ahead is waterproof with a grading of IP45, making it the perfect companion for your next shower concert. Simply attach Ahead to your shower screen or tiles, and let the good times roll!

4. External Speaker

The designers of Ahead have thought about every detail of the product, including the packaging itself! Every Ahead unit sold comes in a specially designed box, which not only keeps the product safe during delivery, but also acts as a resonator for your unit. This means Ahead can be used a portable speaker device to provide tunes wherever you go.

5. Ahead at Work

In addition to being your new best friend on the road, Ahead can also be used in a work setting. Construction workers have traditional used hand-held devices on the worksites, whether it be a walkie-talkie or cell phone. This can be dangerous and invasive as it takes the attention and hands away from the job at hand.

Ahead can seamlessly attach to any hard hat and provide constant two way- push to talk communication between workers on the job site.

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