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AHEAD at Work

One of the original inspirations for Ahead was for it to be used as a communication device for construction workers while on the job sites.

These days, construction workers rely mainly on hand-held devices, such as walkie-talkies or cell phones to communicate on the job. The use of these devices means the employees hands will be occupied, exposing them to danger. Ahead eliminates this hazard by providing non-invasive hands free communication solution, mountable on any hardhat.

All employees entering a construction site must be equipped with a hardhat or head protection. Work sites are generally extremely dangerous, with hazards and dangers lurking around every corner. Using a cell phone or walkie-talkie occupies employee’s hands, making them unable to react if an event occurs. Ahead attaches to any hardhat or helmet and keeps everyone connected. Using the ‘Push-to-Talk’ functions, all phone calls can be taken and made by a simple click of a button.

The oscillator technology transmit sounds through vibrations into the hardhat and the specially designed “Beam Forming” technology picks up any sounds and speech, keeping the workers hands completely free to continue with their task at hand.

Being waterproof with a rating of IP45, and able to withstand the weight of a car, Ahead will be able to withstand any accidents, drops, rain and dust that can occur onsite.

Ahead can also be used on the training track for NFL and American Footballers. Ahead can attach unto players helmets. Here, coaches and staff can stay in constant communication with their players, giving tips, running plays and fixing errors as they arise. This means, coaches no longer have to stop practice to give coaching advice.

We have special bulk order packages for our commercial clientele. If you think Ahead can help your business, don’t hesitate to send us an email. We have special commercial prices for bulk orders.

Change the way you work with AHEAD.

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