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Distracted Bicycling: Stay on the Right Side of the Law

With the advent of electronic devices such as smartphones and other portable digital devices, distracted bicycling has been on the rise. This is one of the main reasons why some cities and states have been cracking down on distracted cycling. Many cyclists are aware of this fact and are turning to smart devices to eliminate distracted cycling.

Ahead has developed a wireless device that attaches to your helmet and gives you control over your smartphone and other portable devices. You can use the device’s GPS feature to find directions and the shortest routes to certain destinations. The device is Bluetooth enabled and works with all types of Bluetooth enabled devices. This device can help eliminate distracted biking mainly because of its hands-free feature. However, the device packs a whole host of features that cyclists would find very useful.

Ahead was recently featured in the Electric Bike Report as one of the best high tech helmet device for 2017. Some of the features that were highlighted in this report include good battery life, secure fit, comfortable, compatible with smartphones. In addition, the report highlighted the fact that the device can play audio from your connected smartphone via Bluetooth. Sound is delivered by a built-in oscillator that transmits sound directly to the helmet, making it a speaker. You can place the device on any hard surface and it will literally use the surface as a speaker.

The device comes with a built-in oscillator that transmits sound directly to your helmet, which basically means that your helmet serves as a speaker! Ahead also catches your voice using beamforming technology cancelling out noise and sounds from cars and the environment. These technologies used in AHEAD let you take calls without physically handling your smartphone.

Many users like the device because it is simple, effective, smart, and user-friendly. In addition, the cost of the product is fairly reasonable, especially if you ride a lot and often need to get directions. Ahead is just the ultimate cycling safety gear because it allows you to stay connected and protected at the same time.

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