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Thinking Ten Steps AHEAD with New Helmet Smart Technology

AHEAD is a helmet communication device that enables users to safely and conveniently place and receive calls without the need for a protruding mic. It was designed to offer clear voice delivery to the parental device via a 2 MEMS microphone with noise-canceling technology. Ahead uses an oscillator to transmit sounds to the helmet which allows users to chat or listen to their favorite tunes while riding with their ears open.

Conversations are clear without interfering with the user’s ability to properly assess his or her surroundings. Background noise is not blocked while wearing the device, making it safer to use than earphones and Bluetooth headsets.

The Start of an Incredible Business

To give you some insight as to how Marco started Analogue Plus, the company responsible for AHEAD, it’s important to know more about his background in hardware and software development. Prior to developing AHEAD, he worked for Samsung Electronics. It was there that he and his co-founders were selected as an outstanding project from the company’s accelerating program, C-lab, and were able to do R & D for a year. AHEAD’s reliability was boosted by Spin-Off which has been available to the trio since 2016.

Marco’s love for skiing with friends is what helped him create a device that could be easily put onto a helmet, enabling people to place cell phone calls without taking off protective gear such as thick gloves. That’s what got him to develop the technology which is now being funded through an Indiegogo campaign.

What Marco Loves About AHEAD

Some of the things that Marco loves about AHEAD is how safe it is. People rely heavily on the usage of mobile devices. Rather than restrict their ability to safely use their phones to make calls or listen to music, the device which attaches to the outside of helmets provides them with audio functions while allowing them to remain aware of their surroundings. A ‘Walkie-Talkie-style’ communication allows users to communicate person-to-person with their choice of party.

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