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We are in CES 2018

'Ahead', a smart communication device for helmet users, will be showcased at CES 2018, the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition.

Ahead is a Bluetooth-based compact communications device for helmet users. The device, which is based on a mobile phone, not only provides voice guidance for listening to music or voices, but also provides notification services such as telephone and message notification. Conversations and multi-party conversations are also possible.

You can listen to music, talk with friends, and enjoy skiing and boarding. It can also be used when riding a bicycle or driving a motorcycle. It can be used much more safely than other Bluetooth headsets because it does not block the ears and can recognize the surrounding environment.

It is a feature of this product that you can enjoy communication with one device. Unlike other products that need to be inserted into a helmet or attached to an auxiliary device, the head uses a 'vibrator' technology that vibrates the helmet by changing the sound into vibration, allowing the sound to be heard through the entire helmet, All you have to do is.

In addition to Ahead, this exhibition will showcase the next products. We can meet the improved Ahead in sound quality and volume by actively accepting customer feedback from Ahead.

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